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Who I am

My name is Maria ElisabettaRastelli, I was born here in Parma and for about 10 years have guided tourists curious to discover my city. Since graduating with honours in Modern Literature I became a qualified tourist guide for the City and Province of Parma. In 2011 I became qualified for the whole of the Emilia region. My interest in humanities and love of my city and my natural excellent communication skills have guided me in my choice of this profession.

I bring great passion and professionalism to my work, focusing on the specialization and the development of new guided tours and services that reflect the needs of you, the customer.

I have completed the following refresher courses and conferences on:

  • Correggio and his time (2007)
  • Palaces and Theatres of Parma (2006)
  • In 2006 I participated in the educational project "The Cathedral and the City." on the occasion of its Nine Hundredth Anniversary
  • The treasures of the Palatine Library: manuscripts, incunabula, manuscripts, rare books and prints and acquisitions related to the history of Parma (2005)
  • The ecclesiastical architecture of early Parma (2004).

Each year I travel to Paris where I study French language and culture at the Alliance Française.


I am a full time tourist guide for visitors speaking Italian, French and English, I have worked directly for both the councils of the City of Parma and for the Province of Parma.

Since August 2003, I have worked with the Antea Cooperative conducting tours of the Royal Palace of Colorno.

In the autumn of 2004, I worked as a guide for the exhibition the "European Middle Ages” by Jacques Le Goff.

Since 2005 I have been working with the Environment Department of the City of Parma on city events, themed guided tours in the heart of Parma and “Oltretorrente” (across the Torrente Parma) and also for the annual "Open Gardens" event.

In addition I work closely with the City of Parma and the Municipality of Soragna; I have also developed special itineraries to discover little-known corners of the City. One of these is for our “Eco Sundays” (when traffic movement is restricted), these include enjoyable “cultural” cycle tours and have attracted wide attention.

I am a member of the association of National Tourist Guides.


Visit Parma with Maria Elisabetta Rastelli
Qualified Tourist Guide
for more information:
tel. (+39) 340 6023906

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