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Tour suggestions

1. PARMA, the "CLASSIC" tour of the city
Piazza Duomo, Cathedral, Baptistery, Teatro Farnese,  the Palazzo della Pilotta and Piazza Garibaldi. Covering the centuries from the Middle Ages to the time of Maria Luigia, learn about the most important sights that give the city its special character.
1a.  PARMA, 2 hours walking tour.
A gentle walk around the centre that allows you to have a pleasant view of the old town.

Piazza Duomo, the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Camera di San Paolo, Farnese Theatre (inside the Palazzo della Pilotta)
Parma, a pearl of Renaissance Art and Culture seen through the eyes of the "divine" Correggio.

MORNING: Camera di San Paolo, Ancient Apothecary of St. John the Evangelist, Farnese Theatre and Teatro Regio
AFTERNOON: Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Duomo, Cathedral, Baptistery, Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata.
Theatre, history, spirituality and alchemy, in a delightfully complete itinerary.

MORNING: Giardino Ducale Palace and Gardens, Teatro Farnese in the Palazzo della Pilotta, Camera di San Paolo.
AFTERNOON: Cathedral, Baptistery and a gentle walk in the city centre.
At  a slower pace and with a bit  more time, as well as the monuments, we will devote ourselves to enjoying the simple pleasures of the locals.

5. PARMA, art and food culture
Morning: A visit to a cheese factory during the production of Parmigiano Reggiano followed by a tour of the historical centre of the city, The Farnese Theatre and Camera di San Paolo.
Afternoon: Continuing with a visit to the historical centre of the city: Cathedral, Baptistery, Piazza Garibaldi
The visit to the dairy during processing is a once in a lifetime experience!

Morning: A tour of the historical centre of Parma, its Cathedral, Baptistery, Piazza Garibaldi and Farnese Theatre in the Palazzo della Pilotta.
A visit to one of the magnificent castles of the province:
     • Torrechiara Castle;
     • The moated Castle of Sanvitale Fontanellato;
     • The Fortress of the Rossi family in San Secondo;
     • The Palace of the Meli Lupi family in Soragna;

I have a thousand stories to recount about the city and the province: the choice is yours!

7. PARMA, Correggio and Parmigianino
Morning: A tour of the historical centre of Parma, the Cathedral, Baptistery, Camera di S. Paolo and the Farnese theatre.
AFTERNOON: A visit to the Church of St. Maria della Steccata, then we leave for Fontanellato (it is approximately 30minutes from Parma) and visit the castle.
The Renaissance and Mannerism periods in Parma with the work of two unequalled geniuses , Correggio and Parmigianino, you will discover how truly different from each other they were.

Morning in Parma: Piazza Duomo, Cathedral, Baptistery, Teatro Farnese and the Palazzo della Pilotta; Piazza Garibaldi, Teatro Regio, Casa della Musica (the museum of music) and the Museum of Sound or  a visit to Toscanini’s home.
Afternoon in the land of Verdi: Verdi’s birthplace at Roncole Verdi, then to Busseto and his home at Villa Sant'Agata.
There are also many other places of musical interest and museums to visit that can be included in the tour like pieces of a mosaic making a complete picture: from the “Arrigo Boito” Conservatorio to the birthplace of Arturo Toscanini and the “House of Music Museum”, and the Museum of Sound. Music, Music and more Music .... a route for enthusiasts, but also for students and music schools.

All proposed tours can be altered according to your requests.
For prices, quotations, suggestions or custom made guided tours do not hesitate to contact me.


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