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Art and nature tourism in Emilia

Not very far from the province of Parma I can offer different itineraries with visits to places linked with the history of my region.
For example...
•     Villages and Castles of Piacenza: from Castell'Arquato, a village and castle perched on a high spur of rock; Grazzano, the picturesque Castle reconstructed by Count Giovanni Visconti, grandfather of he Director Luchino Visconti;  there are many more places to explore including Vigoleno and Rivalta,  with local festivals and wonderful cuisine.
•     Don Camillo and Peppone: Brescello is home to Guareschi’s stories of “The Little World of Don Camillo” and the location for the films, bringing the characters to life in the real surroundings of the town.

MODENA, a beautiful medieval town and a World Heritage Site; with its Piazza Grande, the Cathedral, the Ghirlandina Tower and the Town Hall. It was also made the capital of the Duchy of Este from the late sixteenth century. In the library you can admire the precious Bible of Borso d'Este.

PIACENZA, during the period of the Farnese of Parma, was noted for its reserved character and genteelness. The Palazzo Farnese reminds us that the city was, at first, chosen by Margaret of Austria, as the capital of the small duchy. Piacenza, the most westerly city in the region of Emilia, is home to the Cathedral a reminder to visitors of the importance of architecture and medieval sculpture in the fertile plain of the river Po

Modena, Piazza Grande Piacenza, Piazza Cavalli e Palazzo Gotico Parma, Giardino Ducale, Gruppo in bicicletta ascolta la Guida

Art and Nature
How about a different way to enjoy your visit? Cycling! Or, more accurately, what I call cultural bike rides .... Just a bike, a sunny day, a little curiosity and a leisurely pace, what better way to discover history and enjoy the beauty of the landscape?


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